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DLNA Success: HP MediaSmart Connect x280n


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Server Version 3.0.5239.43180

Extender: HP MediaSmart Connect x280n








Hi Devs -


I just wanted to report that you have breathed a bit of new life into my old extender which has been showing up for quite sometime but not responding to play-to commands.


EDIT NOTE: Fix Dlna Play To/Server issues with WDTV live devices (may benefit other devices as well).


Well, after the dev update today, I am able to redirect playback from my web client and Android tablet client to the extender's native interface (not Media Center-see above). In this mode I was able to play MP4, MKV and ISO content to the device. This is a big thing.


The controls are still quirky (tablet controls disappear, remote control pause/resume causes restart from beginning, etc) but this development direction is great. Is there anything I can do to improve this with something other than the default profile? The closest profile/device is the Linksys DMA2100.


Thanks, Tanamur

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