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Roku Emby app poster display distorted like box. needs resize


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The roku Emby app displays the posters of "Latest movies and Shows" and also "Trailers" section perfectly. But when I open the main folder the posters are resized and scaled which comes out distorted.

Check out the pictures**


I went through all of the settings on Emby server (Windows AND linux servers) and also settings on the Roku player but to no success to correct this. 


Does anyone have the solution? 





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The issue is your items are mixed media. We cannot be sure these will have a poster image. 


How do these display in the web app? Can you show pictures like you did above?

The display should match the web app. If it doesn't it is a bug and we will make it match in a future update.




I also just noticed you are not using the Emby Beta for Roku. Please tell us if this issue still exists within the Beta version of the app. It may already be resolved. You will also find more features/bugfixes in the Beta than the regular store version. 

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When I used Emby Beta, it fixed it. But to answer your first question, yes, it displayed properly in the web app. The problem was only in Roku, but it is fixed with the Emby Beta app.

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