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Unable to play video to Roku or iOS App


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I am running Roku Emby version 3.0.134. I am running Emby Server version I am running the Emby app on iOS version 1.7.4. I am a premiere member.


When I try to watch a video via Roku or iOS, I either get a blank screen with sound or I get the video replaying a 1 second portion over and over again. This was happening before I upgraded the server and clients. And it continues after upgrading all to latest versions. Interestingly, when I play the video via web browser on a laptop it works perfectly.  I have attached the ffmpegtranscode and EmbyServer log files for reference. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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Hi there, can you please try turning off hardware acceleration in the transcoding section of the emby server dashboard? Please see if this makes a difference. Thanks.

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