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Filter not working with multi-version movie


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Hello guys,


I've noticed something about the filter option in the v4.0.0.2 of Emby.

I'm not saying it's a bug, it may be the normal behavior but I want to confirm with you.


When you have multiple versions of the same movie (let's say a 1080p and a 4k one), the filter feature does not handle it.


It can be reproduced with the following:

  • Venom - 1080p.mkv
  • Venom - 2160p - 8bit.mkv
  • Venom - 2160p - 10bit.mkv

All 3 files are in the same folder /Movies/Venom/

All 3 files appear when you click on the Venom cover (screenshot below)

Go to "Movie" and filter only on HEVC for video codec.


Results : The movie Venom - 2160p - 10bit.mkv is not displayed.


It seems that "filter" only takes into account the "default" version of the movie which seems to be the last one you added. (I'm not sure about this behavior, i'm only sure about the results explained above).


I can post the logs but I could not find anything relevant inside.


Some screenshots.







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I don't even get a HEVC codec option when I have multi-version movies, library with nfos and library without nfos.


I guess I would have to correct my comment on episodes as I only have one version of the file.  So HEVC is seeing in a single file environment.


Tested single file hevc movie and filter worked.  


This would appear to a default item issue when it comes to multi-version items as mentioned above.

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@@Luke So you confirm the behavior or do you need anything else on my end ?

Is it the expected behavior or will it be patched in a future release ?

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