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The Genre section does not appear to be working on my two servers. They are completely independent of each other and have their own libraries. The movies have their genres appropriately assigned when looking at a specific movie's info in the UI. However, when I click Genres in the Movies section the result is a blank screen in the web UI. When selecting the green Genres tab in the Roku app the results returned is 0. Shouldn't this Genre tab/section show "buckets" for SciFi, Drama, Comedy, etc., and in those buckets are movies with the associated genre? If not, what populates this Genre section? When troubleshooting I check the box to create NFO files and they were properly generated but it had no effect on the Genres section.


To reproduce via web UI:

  1. emby Home
  2. click Movies thumbnail
  3. click Genres in top banner where options are Movies, Suggestions, Trailers, Collections, Genres.
  4. Genres returns blank screen below banner.


The HTML of the button in question is below.

<button type="button" is="emby-button" class="emby-tab-button emby-button emby-tab-button-active" data-index="5"><div class="emby-button-foreground">Genres</div></button>

I added the Collections plugin and when clicking Collections in the top banner all of the collection buckets come up and contain the associated movies. Kudos for that plugin! Is this not how Genres should work?


Thanks for any help in resolving this!

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I just noticed that in the android app the Genre section works as expected. However, when using Chrome on android the Genre section is blank like it is from Chrome on Windows and the Emby app on the Roku3. At least one of the clients are working. When I get back from vacation I'll check the LG app on my tv.

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