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Roku struggle with mpeg2 1080i content at high bitrate


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Since Roku supports mpeg2 decodings, I having playback issue with 1080i content at high bitrate (>17mbps).  The playback breaks up, pixalized, etc.  forcing the server to transcode it to h264 solves this issue.


i know that it's not an emby issue, since I have the exact same behavior when trying it with the orange brand competitor (On the preview channel, they now support direct play on mpeg2 content).


I'm just wondering if you can pass this issue along to Roku?


In Canada, the broadcasters don't have any sub channel, only the primary channel and they use all the ATSC 1.0 bandwith available in a 6 MHz width channel.  So all my local ota channels are between 18 and 19 mbps.  All those channels have the playback issue.  I also received the major USA broadcasts from Vermont.  The biterate of those broadcasts are lower.  For example, CBS is around 13mbps.  I don't have issue with CBS and the other USA channels.


Thank you

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@@rouq sure. I can compose something for that in a bit. I need to phrase it in a way that doesn't sound overly harsh and in a way that helps them understand. I can explain to them that LiveTV is our primary function of Emby and this puts our Roku app at a disadvantage compared to other platforms we develop on. That it would be in their best interest to provide a better LiveTV experience for users via proper mpeg2 playback. This way Roku will be a leader of LiveTV streams rather than the follower. Sure.


EDIT: Here is the post on Roku forums.

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