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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I got some issues with playback of .mkv files with MPEG2 audio in Emby Theater on Chrome 79. The video stream works fine, but audio is muted. Emby does not try to transcode the file, it says "direct playing". Therefor I'm sorry to say there is no ffmpeg log from this thing happening. Seems however Chrome does not support mpeg2 audio? In that case, shouldn't Emby then transcode this to something else? I've tried multiple .mkv video files with MPEG2 audio, and all are behaving in the exact same way. Direct media playback works fine in Android app on these files. Playback via Internet Explorer emby theater works fine, but then via transcoding (which is totally fine by me): TranscodeReasons=ContainerNotSupported input stream: Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16p, 192 kb/s (default) output stream: Audio: aac (LC), 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 192 kb/s (default) Chrome version: 79.0.3945.88 running on Windows 8.1 Emby-server running on Ubuntu Linux LTS 16.04 Attached image of details about video file. Attached image of playback stats in Chrome. Attached transcode logs when using Internet Explorer. Is there something wrong with my setup? Or is Chrome being stupid and reporting support for something it does not? Regards transcode.txt
  2. EstebanUno

    1080i mpeg2 videos never start playing

    I just started with Emby last week (server version and all has gone well until I tried to play an OTA recorded video that Emby reports as 1080i mpeg2 on a Roku streaming stick. Other OTA recordings at 720p mpeg2 have played fine. I get a black screen with a progress bar that jumps part way initially, then quickly disappears. Emby appears frozen after this happens and I can only exit by pressing the Home button on the roku remote. I have the video quality in the Emby roku app set at 720p HD 2mbps. Tried changing it to Auto with same result. Also messed with Roku Streaming Stick 3800RW / 9.1.0 video quality settings which is currently on auto detect 1080p, but I have tried 720p as well in an attempt to lessen the load. BTW the video plays fine on Windows 10 server through the Emby web interface. Here's the activity shown in the web dashboard, even though file did not play and I exited Emby as described above. Esteban has finished playing PGA Tour Golf_20190818_11001500 on Roku Streaming Stick 9/3/2019, 4:29:54 pm  Esteban is playing PGA Tour Golf_20190818_11001500 on Roku Streaming Stick 9/3/2019, 4:28:54 pm Thanks for looking at this. embyserver.txt
  3. ProperlyFormattedDataFile

    MPEG2 (ATSC) Playback on Roku Stick / Stick+ is very glitchy

    Hi, I'm using Emby on Linux with an HD Homerun for Live TV. Playing back MPEG2 content without transcoding results in a lot of graphical glitches that aren't present in the recording itself when transcoded to H.264 at a similar bandwidth. For example frames will freeze, or movement in the frame will leave blocky trails. Other than setting the maximum bitrate below the broadcast bitrate, is there any way to force the Roku client to always transcode to H.264? Thanks
  4. diego.rivera

    QNAP, Roku Ultra, MPEG2 Woes

    Hi, all! I want to set up Emby on my QNAP NAS where I keep my media files. Currently it's running Plex without a hitch, but I just want to replace it with Emby because of the integration with TVHeadEnd. The reason for that is I want to turn my Roku Ultra into my "de-facto HTPC" (sort of). I got it all working, but have one problem: Emby insists on transcoding everything coming from TVHeadEnd from its source MPEG2 format to H.264. The problem with that that my QNAP doesn't have that much horsepower to begin with and thus starts to suffer from the extra transcoding effort. Since both the Roku and the TV support MPEG2 (a.k.a. H.262), keeping the stream in this format shouldn't be an issue, right? Perhaps this is something that TVHeadEnd configuration can be tweaked for? (i.e. spit out an MKV instead of a TS stream?) Perhaps at the Emby (server or Roku app) level? I doubt something can be tweaked at the Roku level... Unfortunately, I'm drawing somewhat of a blank here and need help from someone with more experience on the topic...perhaps someone has solved this before? Thanks!
  5. @speechless Since Roku supports mpeg2 decodings, I having playback issue with 1080i content at high bitrate (>17mbps). The playback breaks up, pixalized, etc. forcing the server to transcode it to h264 solves this issue. i know that it's not an emby issue, since I have the exact same behavior when trying it with the orange brand competitor (On the preview channel, they now support direct play on mpeg2 content). I'm just wondering if you can pass this issue along to Roku? In Canada, the broadcasters don't have any sub channel, only the primary channel and they use all the ATSC 1.0 bandwith available in a 6 MHz width channel. So all my local ota channels are between 18 and 19 mbps. All those channels have the playback issue. I also received the major USA broadcasts from Vermont. The biterate of those broadcasts are lower. For example, CBS is around 13mbps. I don't have issue with CBS and the other USA channels. Thank you
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