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Samsung App Playback Issue Ue55ku6000

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I have the offcial emby app on my Samsung TV, it was all working fine but now when I open the app and select a video I just get the loading circle spinning indefinitely.


However if I open the same video on my Samsung S9 app or on my Xbox it plays fine.


I logged out of the app on my TV and back in which didn't resolve the issue. I then tried uninstalling the emby app and reinstalling it on the TV but still no joy.


Any ideas?



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It's a known issue with the latest app for 2016 models which causes the details page to not fully load.  You can try to click  the play button to see if it still plays, that works for some.


You can wait for the update to go through Samsung review, or Luke has added code to the latest beta server to prevent the circle of death.  We might be close to getting a new stable server also if you prefer not to load beta.

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Hi, yes, apologies for this issue and we have an update in review with Samsung to resolve it.


The beta server has a workaround that will also resolve it. Thanks.

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Same issue on my Samsung TV. Have updated to Beta and restarted the server. All works as usual. Thank you for asking this question here lles7.

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