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gpu acceleration or cpu and memory


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ok - so upgrading my emby server from a hard working unlocked amd to a new mobo/memory et al


need some advice


go i5 with a gpu


or i7 with lots of memory


currently running emby as a docker on rockstor


so i'm thinking the i7 with more threads is going to do a better job - that's as long as emby and rockstor can take advantage of the extra threads

espeacially when it comes to managing multiple streams - maybe transcoding and as a file server as well


any thoughts? @

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i'm assuming that emby takes advantage of a gpu whether it is native or running in a docker - but that level of abstraction must entail a performance hit - nature of the beast


ive just noticed that some of the codecs in the linux world don't perform so well downstream with various hardware setups


the server it self has a two channel SAS card accessing a good amount of drives - file serving tests run at about 60% of the gigabit lan connection (it's only a home server - but it has a few linux boxes accessing it)


the btrfs under centos is healthy and well distributed


i'm getting stutter and pixelation  when under load - and i can't pin point the cause - i'm thinking old amd that has been unlocked to quad core and not enought memory and no gpu assistance


so do what IBM used to do with their mainframes - throw some more iron at it


and the emby experiemce is a lot different under linux than it is windows - but hey - i use elementaryOS and that probably ostracises me from most forums

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