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Hi relatively new to Emby coming over from Plex. Thank you for a great usable product that just works.


So I'm not sure this is a new feature request or more a just trying to understand how listing shows works. So first, I am using Emby as a DVR on Unraid and currently using the Beta version.


What I am looking for is when I select shows by clicking Guide then Programs and then Shows, that it then just lists on one thumbnail of a show that are upcoming for the next two weeks (or whatever guide data time you have). I have played with the filters and I think what I should see with filtered by name and Primary thumbnail is just one thumbnail of a show. What I currently see is every show with name listed for the two weeks. This makes for a very long list of every same named show across multiple channels if in reruns that fills a couple of page of just one show. The issue is there are too many of the same show listed and currently is only listing special characters and numbers. The list is so big it does not even list any of the alpha letters in the list A-Z shows


What makes sense is one one thumbnail of the show and then you click into the show to select channels or individual showing of that one show or another filter view that gives you that choice. I have included a screen shot to show what I'm talking about. In the picture below there should only be one /Drive, one 1st Look and one 2 Broke Girls etc.



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Bob Schnatterly

I will second this. I just want to see a single thumbnail for a show, not every single episode coming up. Thanks...

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