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Problems with subtitles make Emby unusable for most 4K movies in LG TV


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I've been using Emby for a while on Shield TV and it works fine.


Now I have got a LG TV and noticed a lot of issues.


Most (maybe all) 4K videos need transcoding when using subtitles on the LG TV (something that doesn't happen in the Shield TV with the same videos and subtitles, I confirmed it).


Knowing this I removed the subtitles from the MKV file and dowloaded a SRT subtitle file.


Well, that works without transcoding in Emby for LG TV but it doesn't pay attention to line breaks within a subtitle entry, so the result is a mess. Tried the same Movie and SRT file again in Emby for the Shield TV (Android) and the line breaks work fine.


I have seen a lot of people complaining about the transcoding in LG TV for these subtitled videos, but no real answers. All in all, it works just fine on Shield TV, so it's clearly an issue with the LG TV port.


Any possibility of a bug fix?

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I have over a dozen clients who use the LG tv with webOS and the Emby application.


In my collection I have many videos with fixed caption (much better) but I also have several videos with external subtitles .srt and so far, no customer with LG tv has made any complaint about subtitles.

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Hi Luke, thank you for answering.


So, all subtitles are like in the pictures for every SRT (this plays just fine in both Emby and Kodi with Emby plugging in my Shield TV). There is no separation between dialogue lines.


Also, when trying the embedded PSG subtitles in EMBY for the LG TV, it just transcodes the all thing. This happened in all the 4K videos I tried (3 of them). The same videos, with subtitles work fine in Shield TV using Kodi or Emby app, without any transcoding.



These are the dialogue lines from the example.

00:01:59,450 --> 00:02:03,280
- How is he?
- He's gonna be fine.

00:02:03,520 --> 00:02:06,040
At least until he wakes up.

00:02:06,220 --> 00:02:10,420
- What do you mean?
- Captain has some questions for him.


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