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Video won't play


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I had a video file of a movie that I watched a couple of times without any problems.  I got a higher quality version of the same movie so I added the HD file to my library and removed the SD file.  The HD file would not open.  I removed the HD file and put the SD file that I had previously played back but now that file won't open either--it's like there's an error stored somewhere in the cache and Media Browser thinks it's the same file that it couldn't play.  To test my theory I swapped that file out with a third copy from a completely different source.  That file would not open either.  I tried rebooting the server but that did no good.  What do I need to do to clear Media Browser so it will allow me to play one of the versions of this file?  


I am using MediaBrowser Version 3.0.5211.41935 on my computer and MediaBrowser++ on my computer.


If you need anything else let me know. 









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