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qnap 453be increase Emby performance


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hello forum, im running emby premiere version  on qnap 453be 8gb ram 2  3tb hdd in raid 1, hardware transcoding enabled ( va api). internet speed 175 down  15 up


emby runs great for local clients, remote cilients can take up to 10 seconds before the stream starts  then works great. iptv and dvr don't load as smootly , 10 seconds minimum  before stream starts sometimes longer but then streams perfectly.


what would be the best performance  upgrade, i currently can only afford to do one of the following:

-buy another hdd and change from raid 1 to raid 5

- buy 250-500gb ssd and add as a cache 

-buy 250-500gb sdd and install emby on the ssd

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Most of my movies are h264 30 fps 1080p file and tv shows. Ts files 50 or 60fps. 720p



I should have add I also find the live guide is slow to load as well,

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