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Get HDHR Reset Reason


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I threw this code together fast to get the log data from the HTML page and parse it for reset reason and time. It is a command line application and the only argument is the IP address of the HDHR to look at. Here's pictures of the results for my three HDHomeRun EXTENDs:

post-138756-0-73896300-1539259579_thumb.png post-138756-0-07630200-1539259593_thumb.png post-138756-0-19006100-1539259602_thumb.png


This screenshot includes the system information from the HDHR (Device ID is very important for figuring out which HDHR is defective):



C# source code attached. No copyright, license, or anything. Knock yourself out.



The code is fairly self explanatory. HTML parsing is in Program.cs and classes for each HDHR HTML type (log and system) are in the HDHR folder. Those classes take the trimmed HTML (pre for log and table for system) and reorganize the data into memory structures (e.g. HdhrSystem.DeviceId). The class constructor parses the data.



The .NET Framework 4.6 executables are in there and, as compiled, they output results formatted in the last picture above when the first argument is a valid HDHR IP. Not incredibly useful but it's a starting point for anyone looking to pull data from the HDHR.



This code was only tested using HDHR EXTEND. It should theoretically work on other models but it could theoretically crash too. Shouldn't take much to fix any issues that arise though since it is just reading the HDHR webpages.


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