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Photo Library: Face/Place/Scene recognition


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As suggested by @ebr I have split my original request to allow better monitoring of interest and progress.

The original request is here https://emby.media/c...brary-overhaul/

If you are interested please like the post.


It would be nice to including a face recognition that would allow us to sort our collection by people and give us the possibility to name them. As an example if I sear for "Mom" it would display all the pictures with my mother in the library ! This could also be done by scene (city, sea, mountain, etc.) or by place based on GPS coordinates this could automatically name the place and allow us to search or sort based on this item.

I am not sure this is an easy one, maybe there are some existing piece of code that could help with this ?

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I think the better solution is to use a DAM for face recognition. This data can then be stored in tags or XMP files.

Emby should then be able to read this data.
As DAM I use Mylio.
I do not use Emby yet. But I hope to do so sometime in the future.
I don't think Emby can replace a DAM. But it could be a nice addition.
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