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How to properly configure dockerize Emby to use Chromecast on internal network?

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I'm fairly new to Emby and trying to understand what configuration I need to do to get Emby Android App to cast to my Chromecast.


I'm set up as follows:



Docker Engine

Dockerized Emby:

Nginx-reverse-proxy: (Exposed port 80)



Currently, I have my Emby server (port 8096) reverse proxied via Nginx, and Nginx port 80 exposed on my Docker Engine.


This allows me to access the Emby server at: via a fqdn of emby.domain.com.  (The FQDN is mapped via dnsmasq in my router).  When I configure my app to use emby.domain.com, it is able to stream video to the app without problems.  However, if I try to Cast to my Chromecast, I see the cast app on my TV, but it unable to connect to my phone.  I've read a few other posts on this issue, and it seems that the Chromecast is unable to connect to my Emby server.


Indeed, if I expose Emby's 8096 port on my Docker Engine and use as my server address in the app, the Chromecast is able to connect properly.


I have also tried adding a rule to my router's iptables redirecting all traffic from my Chromecast destined to to  That works as well.


Consequently, I have come to the conclusion that the App is telling the Chromecast to find Emby at  


I've looked at my Configuration page in the Emby server, but not sure what I need to specify to get this working.  At the moment, I have:

  • LAN Networks:,
  • Local http: 8096
  • Public http port: 8096
  • External domain: <blank>
  • Enable automatic port mapping: <checked>


I can't imagine that the correct solution is to use an iptables rule.   How/what is the correct configuration to get this to work?  Incidentally, I'm only looking to use Emby locally at the moment.





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