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Newbie Emby Experience on Linux Kubuntu /Ubuntu - Positive


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Around a week ago I installed Emby on my Kubuntu PC.


I didn't understand Emby and thought that it would be an application. Instead it turned my machine into a Multimedia Server. So cool once it's set up it's always on and no maintenance.


My needs are basic. All I want to do is to have a file linked to Emby and any movie in that file will stream to the devices on my home network. I do not want to stream remote for security purposes.


I followed the install instructions on the internet where I downloaded the  file and it was really easy. I did have  trouble getting it connected to my Fire stick because the port was closed in my software firewall. I opened port I think it's 8095 in my software Firewall and then no problem hooking into the Amazon Fire stick. Not an Emby problem.


Around a week later I bought a Roku Express for my daughter and installed in her TV. Emby wouldn't connect. I waited a few days and my router choked and I had to reboot it. A little later I went back to try to get Emby working and to my surprise, Wallah the Roku recognized and connected to the server with no prodding. Seemed my router needed to be reset. Lesson learned if I ever have trouble connecting a new device to Emby reset the router.


I proceeded to install on my Android Phone and again it was brainless. It just recognized and entered Emby Server with no prodding. So fast it made my head spin.


Emby is fantastic on Linux Kubuntu/Ubuntu. Basically I hooked a file up to synchronize and everything I copy to that file shows up on my devices to be streamed. It's running in the background no maintenance required. Also no glitches waking up from sleep either. On the Roku it's running fast.


So anyway If you have Kubuntu or Ubuntu and want to simply use Emby to stream movies within your home  network I recommend it highly. BTW the resolution of the movies look great.

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You are putting out a great product and the price is right :D


This forum is so filled with problems I hope that you don't lose site that the vast majority of people are happy with your product.


And very impressive your companies dedication to customer service by having a system architect monitoring the forums.


Keep up the good work!

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