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Question about my SSL cert


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Hello all,


A friend of mine reached out to me the other day to let me know that they could no longer connect to my emby server. It had been running fine, so I was puzzled.


When I went and looked at the settings, it turns out that the server no longer appears to be running over HTTPS, only on HTTP.


I don't even see any option for HTTPS other than under Expert->Advanced where I can set the external HTTPS port.


I am currently on the 3.5 beta.


Everything works fine right now on HTTP, but I would much prefer to be running over HTTPS again.


Anyone have any thought or suggestions?




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Yes. Everything was running fine over HTTPS. It was only the other day that it switched back.


What is odd, is that on the dashboard it used to indicate the URL, with the port, that was running HTTP and a different one for HTTPS. Now there is no mention of HTTPS anymore.


The page where I set up the SSL cert is still there, and all the info is good.


I do see that I am on the 3.5 beta version of emby... could that update have caused the issue? When was it released?



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I actually thought I was up to date, here is what shows on my dashboard:




I went to the site and saw that there was indeed an update though, so I grabbed that. The problem was still there. At this point I decided to roll back to an earlier version which I knew was working... and the problem was still there.


Took a look at the SSL cert settings again, and noticed that the path to the cert was no longer valid. The cert had been living on my desktop and I (in an effort to be better organized) had moved it, and forgot to update things on the server...




Thanks for the suggestion to check for an update though @@Luke That at least got me to go over everything again  :-)

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Side note- I thought there was a newer version of the Mac version after seeing 3.5.2 referenced, and sure enough when I downloaded it from the site the file had 3.5.2.


However it still says beta on the configure Emby page. So maybe I had the latest all along? Is 3.5.2 reporting as beta? I saw another thread mentioning the 'beta' part was incorrect but maybe the version number was also off and I didn't understand that.

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