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Hello. I just downloaded and installed Emby today after having used Plex Media Server for over 5 years. I love Plex but recent updates have made it where the transcoder is crashing on Movies and there is no work around in sight for the time being, so I moved to Emby.


I just want to say I love Emby and it is working flawlessly for my Movies but I am having an issue with TV Shows.


I previously just used the TV Shows folder on my External Drive to store the shows we watch and Plex would automatically sort them but series and assign them under one cover art for us to watch. With Emby it seems it is only recognizing TV shows if they are in their own folder. The only show that is like that is B: The Beginning and that is a FileBot setup for that particular show.


How I currently have my TV shows is as follows:


G:\TV Shows\Episiodes (show name - #x## - episode title)


I see that Emby wants you to do it as this:


TV Shows (main folder for all TV Shows)

      TV Show (e.g. Wynona Earp)

            Episode Information (e.g. 3x03 - Colder Weather)


What I want to know is if it is possible to have it the way I have done it or do I need to create separate folders for ALL the TV shows I have and move them accordingly? If so I guess I can do it but I have a TON of shows and I was hoping there was a work around. I tried the Auto Sort plug-in and pointed it to my TV Shows directory but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.


I have attached a couple of images.





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Currently Emby requires shows to be in their own folder.  There are requests for the all in one folder structure.

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Right we don't currently support a Mish mash. It's something we'd like to do in the future but we're not quite there yet. Thanks.

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