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Just some simple images.

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Hi Puffy, 


Thanks for the icons, been scanning for something good to use for years. And now I find yours that I will keep for quite some time. :)


I've compiled all the single images you posted over the months into a .zip, I will also host it indefinitely (I'll forget about it and it will sit for 10 years).


This is the readme inside the .zip

This pack of Icons was collected from:-

Includes the blank template icons and background plate.

All credit goes to the author, PuffyToesToo:

Buy Puffy a cup of coffee for all the hard work!

Packaged and Hosted by Dazik.

Total file size is right around 30MB.

Link here: https://dazik.com/files/Puffy_Emby-Icons.zip

This file will be updated with new icons on occasion.


Last updated: 01/01/2020 8:07:12AM (EST)

File Size: 38.8MB


If you have any to add to it in the future (wait till you have a handful or so), PM them to me and I will add them to the archive.

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You have ones for Kids TV and for Family Movies, but can you make one for Kids Movies, please?

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The archive has been updated with the new icons.


While I'm at it. How about "Cartoons"? I am currently using "Kids TV" for "Cartoons", which is kinda okay. :)

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