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I've been configuring a home media library with all my family and travel videos and noticed that the people being added in the videos do not show when clicking on the person. They do show on the video page but not on the person page.


For eg, i have created people or persons for several members of the family and it would be nice to be able to see all their videos in the people page.

I am a .net developer and took a look in the repsonse and a bit in the code and it seems that there are childs defined for several entities but videos :

TrailerCount 0 MovieCount 0 SeriesCount 0 ProgramCount 0 EpisodeCount 0 GameCount 0 SongCount 0 AlbumCount 0 ArtistCount 0 MusicVideoCount 0


and ChildCount 5

This means the videos are returned as childs as the connection in the database is made but they are not handled by the frontend. Is this something you guys are willing to implement sometime in the nearish future or should i find an alternative solution. I would consider building a plugin for this, an enhanced people view/editor but not sure if the plugin interface allows me to override pages.


Steps to reproduce:

- add a person to a video (from a home videos library)

- click on the person from that video page in the cast section

- result: the person has no items displayed on their page


I really appreciate the hard work you guys put into this product, keep it up


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Hi, we'll look at this. I think the page is currently only looking at Movie types, Series, etc, and not plain videos. Thanks.

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