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Wrong time in Emby APP

Ace of Space

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5 hours ago, galilrage said:

why not just create a setting in the app where someone can either choose their timezone, or GMT +/- hours.  This way it shouldn't be dependant on anything on the TV, or the IP address

Hi, yes it's possible we may end up doing that.

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That would probably be the best solution for most.  However, there are probably a few people who live in another time zone from where the Emby server is located.   Some sort of an offset in settings should work for everyone.

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Yeah, I like either a +/- offset or the ability set a time zone. The problem with a time zone is that you then also need to consider daylight saving. 

LG tv’s have an additional quirk where the time returned by the OS to apps applies the correct time zone, but not the daylight savings offset. In this case, having just a tz selection wouldn’t be enough. 

That’s why I prefer just a direct +/- offset, which would need to be in 30 minute increments. 

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