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Hello Emby


You recently added the ability in Emby Theatre to view movies "by date added" which is a huge help.


I noticed recently however that although this feature does work perfectly in my libraries (i.e. Movies, TV etc)....but when I view my "favorites" (favorite movies), the movies ONLY list by date added and there is no option to re-sort these movies in alphabetical order.


This once worked but seems to be no longer working as the option no longer exists on the favorites section.


It's like the "favorites" section is adopting the default view of the "movies library".  I would prefer my main "movies" library sorted by "date added" and then my "favorites" sorted by alphabetical order.


Can you help please?


Many thanks Rob

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What you can do is use the regular movies tab and filter and sort that way.


Sorry I dont quite understand.  I have over 2000+ movies in my "movies library" and my "favorites" are only around 50 in total. 


I would like my "movies" to be listed in "date added" (descending order) and my "favorites" listed alphabetically.


I can certainly get my "movies" library sorted by date order no problem, but when I jump to "favoirates" I dont get an option to list them in the order I want.


It once worked fine but the option looks to now be removed.


Am I missing something?


many thanks Rob

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The all movies tab has a filter option which you can use to specify favorites only.


OK I see what you mean now but that is really inefficient to have to go into the filter and turn on "favorites" and then reorder each time I want to go between "movies" and "favorites".


Why cant you put the feature back for the sort order on the favorites tab like it was before?  That way, people can have their general "movies" folder in "date added" and the favorites in alphabetical order.


Surely this cant be difficult given this feature was working and now it's been removed (for whatever reason).


Is that doable please?  From what I've read, LOTS of people wanted this sort feature when I requested it and it seems a little odd that it's not on the favorites tab.


Many thanks for the help - cheers Rob 

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It's possible for the future. I was trying to give you something that will work right now.


OK -again thanks for the help - I do appreciate it.  I swear this feature was already present in previous versions and I'm at a loss at to why it was removed.


But again, love the product and appreciate the support.


Cheers Rob

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