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No EPG channels to map to XMLTV

Dennis Dallau

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Dennis Dallau

I have tried various XML TV guide files and there was a time a got it working just like that.


Got it working? It's not so hard right? It's pretty much straight forward... Yes it is but I believe there is a bug in Emby Synology Version


Every time I refresh the XML guide it is done way to soon (I'm talking about 2 seconds or something). This really should have taken a lot longer. But you know what, let's start mapping channels anyway...


But when I try to map the channels with the EPG channels it goes wrong.


Clicking on MAPPING CHANNELS enters a popup where I do see the channels from the XML file but when I click on the pencil next to a channel to map it to an EPG channel the screen does get a little darker (as it would do when another popup with EPG channels would appear) but that's it. No popup and nothing to see.


When I then click any part of the screen the screen gets normal lighting again like nothing happend...


The problem is that I therefor can't map any channels so I can't record any TV series...


Anyone ideas what this might be?


PS: I have cleared browser cache and even tried the same thing on 3 different browsers all giving the same result...


If you would like to check the XMLTV file that nused to work: http://d52255a1.static.ziggozakelijk.nl/xmltv.xml


See screenies for extra info.


UPDATE ******

When I (with all the pain in my heart) completely uninstall the Emby app and then re-install again there is a change (so NOT ALWAYS) the XML TV guide import works (taking way longer and mapping to EPG channels does work). But this couldn't be the solution right..?




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