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Emby server, library, content lost with Scan, when folder/share is not active.


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Dear Emby developers,


As ex-plex user I'm happely using now only the Emby server. I do like the open setup, just Plex was in the past.


Okay, as for the (very big) annoyance/problem I'm experiencing;

 Loosing items from libraries when folders/shares are not active, when scanfolders is run.



The setup; Using emby x64 v3.3.x.x.

I have five Libraries, each library consists of several folders, due to lack of 1 big storage-medium...

Each folder is either a local-pc-windows-folder, a dns-share, or a remote windows system (net use) shared folder.


The action;

When I add one movie to one of the shared-folders, on that specific system (pc/nas/remotepc),

there is no problem. 


The normal situation;

To add the new movie to the Emby library I do the manual, scan folder action (new and updated), then the movie is added. And works instantly.


The problem;

Same as described as above, but now, the main-pc where Emby server is running, does not have one of the shared-remote-folder(s) on the nas or remote-pc active. Thus windows-explorer can not reach the share, as it is not active, so fails with message folder-does-not-exists. But it does exists actually on the system, which is for example shutdown.

When now the scanfolder (new and updated) is started, litterly all library items located on, pointed to, the folder-share which is not active, will be deleted from the library. Not good!


So one movie is added, and all share-folder-not-found items are all removed.

This happened to me for the last few week already 3 times, this is real problem... to my opinion.

Then I have to enable all systems, fix the share(s), rescan all. And have to manually re-Identify each movie, and re-select the preferred custom images. This additional fixing process takes each time about 1-3 hours. I do like to manually customize the primairy/banner/images etc, but 3+ times is just stupid.


And, please understand, I do not want that every Pc or Nas with shared folders need to be enabled,

when a folder-scan is initiated.



My Request:   To make the server scanning option more robust.


a] -  As an option, or as new normal operation;

        Only add/remove item(s) to/from the Emby-library when the folder does exists !

         -This way not all known items are removed, just because the share is inactive, for a moment. 

         -When a shared-folder is not accessible it does not mean it does not exists..


b] - When all items of one of the library folders needs to be removed, then library folder can

       simply be removed.

       When a library folder is removed from the library folder list, all known items could be

       instantly removed.


c] -  Optional request, an  'disabled'/'enabled' next to each library folder.

       This way a folder, which does exists, and previously has been added,

       can be disabled for a specific reason.

       When disabled, all items within this folder/share are instantly not visible.

       But they are still in the library that is. So when reanabled, they will be back.


I do really hope request  a]  is easily implementable!

As probaly the 4th+ time I will pullout my hair when I forget to enable first all shares on each system, before I press scan-folder  :-)


Best regards,


(the Netherlands.)




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Have seen and read this, but is no solution (Or I can't see the actual fix.. :-).


I have automatically scan disabled, and do only manual-scan on own demand.


But for now I have to power-up each system, then verify every folder-share on functionality on the EMby-server.

And when very very very sure, I dare to press  scan-folder.

After which I really hope that the result is +1 and not minus 50...




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Hi there, can you please attach the emby server log from when this happened ,thanks !

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Hi there, can you please attach the emby server log from when this happened ,thanks !


Thanks for the idea, to fix the issue using the logs.

But I really really really dont want to re-image all the movie-items again. (another 3 hours of re-identifing. ...)


hmmm. Could it be that the logs recording ar still on my server? Then I need to locate the date/time for this.

How many days are logs normally stored?



But, is just adding the function  "  if(exists(foldershare)==0) { 'scanall(foldershare)' } "  not easier..? 

To my opinion a quick folder check before scanning is no real braindrain   :-)


Hope this will be fixed, thank you.

Best regards,


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Hi there,  you can learn how to attach an emby server log here:



Thanks !


Dear Luke,

I am sorry to say that the generated log files are just only one-day long. So it does not contains the problem of removing all movies.

There is only one log-file within the .\log\ directory, named 'server-63656736139.txt'.


I hope the developers could, please, please please pick-up a easy fix like;    check if the foldershare exists, before a to-be-scanned foldershare is scanned.

But anyways, when the failure does happen again, I will upload the server.log

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