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Fall asleep feature request


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I have now gone full Emby as it gets better with every update and actually surpassed Plex in my opinion.

I love everything about video playback but I am missing a feature for audiobook playback.

I like to listen to audiobooks before I'm going to bed and from time to time I am waking up and my headset needs a charge and I have to find my spot again.

the Android App "Smart AudioBook Player" has a feature that fades the current playback out when your phone doesn't move for 5 minutes (can be set to whatever you choose).

once you shake your phone it aborts the progress. it can easily be activated with one tap on a screen icon. 

If the sleep function was triggered the playback position is saved and you can resume it when you open the audiobook again.


Is there any way something like this can be implemented?



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I'm here, and I still like the idea of this, just have not been able to get to it yet.

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