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FR: Server - Sync to mobile clients


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I think this is tagged correctly as a Server feature request, but it would require something on the clients too. 


We regularly go on long car journeys, and my kids and my wife like to watch films on their android tablets and windows laptops. Because our library is all very high quality, high bitrate stuff, and as there is no decent connection to stream them, I need to find out what they want before we leave, and then encode the file for them before we leave, and then copy it onto their individual devices. 


What would be really cool would be if, for example, my daughter wanted to watch Harry Potter on her Nexus 7, she could just navigate to it in the Media Browser app and have the option to download to her device. This would download a lower bitrate version of the film (maybe dictated by the transcoding settings on the client) suitable for her 16GB tablet, held locally on this machine.


I'm not sure if this is as simple as I think it is, or if there are legal/copyright barriers but this functionality would be very useful to my family!


BTW great work so far, loving Media Browser 3!




OK, not the best title!  :( How do I change it?

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I have an idea for this as far as music is concerned too (for android etc), i.e. have a working cache (for music) on a predetermined area, i.e if you have a 64gb sd card in a phone or a tablet tell the app it can have 40gb and as music is streamed via wifi or 4G it is stored in the same structure as on the server so you can also use the local players on the device (you can't beat power amp). Work on a first in first out principal unless you lock the stored audio to the device. Would it be possible to increment play counts from 3rd party apps?

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