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SOLUTION - Virtualbox FreeNAS hosted Emby plugin - Can't access web


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Personal fixes been tracking past few years and re-hitting now with setting up new FreeNAS 11. with Emby PlugIn and thought I share each in posts.  Hope they help community :)


Iss.02 - FreeNAS hosted Emby plugin - Can't access web configuration
FreeNAS is installed in Virtualbox v5.1.xx and Emby plugin installed.  However, unable to access Emby configuration page from PC host running VirtualBox.

Sol.02a - Confirmed
Shutdown Virtualbox VM running FreeNAS. Change VirtualBox FreeNAS VM Networking to the following:

Bridged Adapter (allows FreeNAS access from VirtualBox host machine)

Promiscuous Mode=Allow All (allows FreeNAS plugins web page access)


Restart the FreeNAS VM and ensure the FreeNAS Emby Plugin has been started.

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