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BluRay MKV file freezing occasionally during browser playback

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Hi Folks,


I am using Emby for a while now and I really enjoy it for DVD playback - I have digitised all of my DVD library which works great.


I have recently moved on to my BluRay library and I am noticing a playback issue using the browser as a player, I also have an emby app on an android TV box and notice the same issue.


The server Emby is on is purpose built


CPU: AMD FX 6300 Hexa Core Processor 3.50GHz

RAM: 32 GB

OS: Currently Windows 10, Planning to switch to Server 2016

Storage: OS Disk 500GB SSD 500meg Read 500meg Write (where Emby is installed)

               Video Storage Disk 1+2 8 TB HDD 7200 RPM 128meg cache


The MKV's from the BluRays are usually circa 30GB in size


I will say that I am extremely new to emby and video stuff in general so I am not sure what info is useful and what's not. The settings on emby are defaults as per the installation.


One thing I noticed when playing the Blu Ray files from Emby is the Network usage shoots up on the emby server - Not sure if its expected/normal or if I need to consider NIC teaming


The other thing I noticed is if I sit and suffer the freezes (and there are lots) usually mid way through the movie it will stop freezing and/or happen less frequently unless you rewind or fast forward.


Does anyone have any setting recommendations I could try just to rule out simple stuff??


I have done all the usual host stuff such as ensure power management is not switching off stuff, all drivers are up to date, disk read/write is fine and tonnes of space for the temp/cache directory.


Any/All suggestions greatly welcome :)


Also if there are some logs I can provide to help, or do a debug during playback, just tell me what and Ill get it done.




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Hi Luke,


My sincerest apologies, I was not aware I changed anything. I have set it to Auto for now.


Something interesting I found, I copied a BluRay MKV to the SSD and added it to the Library in its own category for test purposes. for the whole movie I experienced two very short freezes which is certainly an improvement. This made me take a look at the storage config a bit closer and I THINK i might have some bottlenecking going on in the RAID setup. I have ordered a different card and an additional HDD to re-configure the storage, so if its OK rather than wasting any more of your time, I will wait until those supplies arrive (hopefully the weekend) and I will give you another update.


Thanks for all efforts so far, hopefully it is the storage config



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Hi Luke,


Just to update. I think my problem is solved :)


The problem was 2 part


1. I sorted out the RAID config which reduced the amount of freezes (that was my bad)


and the more interesting find


2. If you are transcoding on a partition of the same drive (a HDD that is) where the BD MKV is stored, it really doesn't like it - Large sequential reads and then writes on another sector (this is what was doing it) - It is improved on the SSD but I don't see any SSD lasting too long in that setting.


The solution to 2 was to pop in a spare SSD (128GB) for transcoding which fixed everything.


I just said I would pass on the above in case someone else finds themselves in the same boat.

Thanks again for your assistance



(One sidenote question - I plan to format my Emby server soon to change the OS to Server 2016 - With regard to my license, is there any special procedure to follow or will it just work if I pop in the same key?)

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