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I have a server consisting of the following hardware:

  • Asrock N68C-GS FX
  • AMD fx 4800
  • 8 GB of Dual Channel DDR3 1600 RAM
  • A generic usb 3.0 drive as boot drive
  • A seagate barracuda 3TB HDD for media storage
  • Ubuntu server 16.04.3 as OS
  • playback on Chrome on a windows 10 pc

When playing videos, the playback seems to drop very often and buffering seems to take forever. However when looking in the dashboard I often see that the server is either direct streaming or transcoding at over 60 frames per second. I also notice that when playing media firstly the process takes up around 60 to 70% of the cpu, at which point the playback is fine. However after some time the process disappears, and the playback stop, it then takes about a good 5 minutes for a new process to start streaming the media again.

I have tried reinstalling emby-server as well has tried multiple versions of ffmpeg, however nothing seems to work.


I hope someone else can spot the issue and bring me the sweet joy of smooth video playback :)





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Hi, two things. I notice you've upgraded to mono 5.4.1. Our highest supported version is 4.8.1. Anything beyond that will definitely cause problems.


Second, if you're willing to do a new installation, you can follow the instructions on our website:



We have a new package that has dropped mono altogether in favor of the newer, smaller, faster .NET Core runtime from Microsoft. The server will perform better with our new package, but keep in mind it would be a new installation.


Let us know if you need additional help. Thanks !

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  • Solution

I have done exactly that and it made little to no improvement,

However I then tried to change the transcoding path from the usb drive that my OS is running on to a location on the HDD, which so far works perfectly.
So it probably has to do with the limited speed of the usb ports on the cheap motherboard.

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