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emby server lost library contents after upgrade to


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This may be a duplicate of https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/52416-after-upgrading-i-have-lost-everything-on-client/


After upgrading emby to (on ubuntu 16.04), emby clients don't show any content:


The emby user signed in for the screenshot above has access rights to all libraries.



The libraries themselves show up in the library management pane:



The paths are correct.

The emby process has access rights to the folders. (chmod:ed the folder tree recursively to 777 to be certain)

A library scan finishes immediately with no results.

Deleting and browsing to re-add a folder doesn't help.


Enabling the folder view shows no libraries/folders:



The libraries don't show up in the user management pane or metadata manager either:







Am I doing something wrong?

Log file attached.



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Same thing happened to me.

Go to the Server Dashboard, and then Libraries (like you showed above).

Click on one of the libraries, and Manage Folders.

In mine it somehow reverted back to the local folders instead of the network folders. I updated one and they all started working again. So, changed it from the "C:\folder\etc" to "\\servername\folder\etc"

My Collections folder still isn't working though...not sure how to fix it as I can't get in to edit the folder location back to a server name instead of local name...

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All folders are local, on a linux machine. Paths are correct. I have tried deleting and re-adding, but it didn't help.




Yeah, well, no...

Wanted to avoid that in case there was a better solution.

Will do that tomorrow.




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From all these screen shots are all the people having issues on a non-Windows systems?

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I just installed Windows Server and had the same issue come up.  Libraries aren't listed under the user access options.59ff7f452a2cd_embyuserlibrary.jpg

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Uninstalled Server, reinstalled, didn't fix issue.  I added a new library, and that seemed to refresh the others to the system.  They all showed up in the list then.  I just deleted the new one and reset the library access for all the users back to what it was before.

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