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Seeking Understanding of Transcoding and How to Improve Performance

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I am enjoying the functionality of MB Server, MB Classic and MB for Android -- many thanks to all developers!


I have re-ripped my DVDs and Blu-Rays into MKV containers with the original CODECs for video and audio (some MPG2, some AVC, some VC1, some Dolby TrueHD, some DTS-MA, etcetera).


When playing on my CinemaPC media center computers (Win7x64) with all the necessary CODECs available, performance is of course flawless and not a burden on any of the processors.


When streaming to Android, the burden on the MB Server's CPU is about 90% throughout the streaming, and responsiveness of the Android client is very slow if I attempt to advance along the timeline.  I can surely adjust the bitrates in the Android client, but do not want to bump it up above the level where pauses will occur while streaming over non-wifi connection (Verizon 4G typically).


I'm posting my MB Server specs below, and ask anyone's help in understanding the parameters, variables, or factors that I might consider as I try to improve Android client performance.


Intel i5-2500k at 3.0GHz, 8GB RAM, nvidia 430

MB Server 3.0.5171.19958

MB Classic 2-12.2

MB Android 1.0.19



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Koleckai Silvestri

Most mobile devices are looking for video to be in the x.264 format and audio in AAC format. To provide this from the variety of codecs that your library is in, the server transcodes it on the fly. That is then streamed to your Android device. When you fast forward, you are requesting a new stream from the server so it needs to start over with the transcode process.


The closer your library is to the desired formats, the less work the server has to do. There are some transcoding settings in the server that you can adjust but there are no fine-tuning options. However they are working on making transcoding more efficient so it can work better with mobile devices.

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Thanks, Wayne. I have my movies on the server in whatever CODEC they were in on the disc the studios released. I want the least compromise possible in home theater playback, and of course accept almost any compromise on the Android. But responsiveness and steady playback are goals I hope are achievable on the Android.


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