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FR: Autoboxset - Optional Artwork folder + backdrops


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I often dont use the Collection artwork proposed on TMDB for my boxsets and have create an extensive artwork collection for my boxsets over time.


- In autoboxset after the set has been created we can manually go and change the artwork but it would be cool if we could setup in the options section of the plugin a optional location for autoboxset to retrieve the proper primary poster from a local location where we have stored our artwork. All the artwork can be in the same folder and autoboxset could choose the right one based on the file name being the same as the the collection name on TMDB with a suffix at the end (that brings up my second request)


- Why doesnt autoboxset also get a backdrop for collections when on TMDB they are available?



The setup could look something like this: (what i currently use in XBMC)




This would save time for those that work hard to personalize there collections and want to move to MB and not have to edit everything manually after the initial import.


Thanks! :)

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is this an xbmc feature?


yes, sort of


In xbmc you can activate Movie set and it will group all movies that have the <set> tag populated from TMDB but it will use the artwork of the first movie in the set to populate the poster and backdrop. Then you have 2 options to modify:


- The manual way, context menu on the set and modify the poster and backdrop from a local source


- automatic way, a addon called Movies set Artwork Automator which will scan a designated folder that contains all your poster and backdrops (like my screenshot above) and populate all your collections with the results. you Can choose the format of the suffix you want



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