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Downlad does not start


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Hi there!

I use emby Version on a synology disk station. So far it runs well. I purchasesd emby permiere because i need the downlad to device feature for offline listening.

On my android device i tab on the download butten e.q. in a album view. The download gets prepared an after the transcoding i see the download on the server with the

hin "ready for download". On my Android device i see the "ready for download" also in the download settings menu. But the download never starts. I can not find any button

or whatever to start it. If i tab on the prepared ready for doenload object i get a menu with a save button at the end. If i tab that the menu closes and nothing happens.

How can i start the download????

It is very sad that this feature isnt working because it is the reason why i switched to emby.


Hopefully someone ot there with a solution?





Ah i dont know if its important but most of my music files have flac encoding.

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