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Emby Server is generating huge png metadata files

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I have all my photos from my dSLR visible on my Emby install and it appears that something is creating PNG files that are the same size as the source content.


The issue here is that the source files are typically 5472 x 3648 (Landscape) or 3648 x 5472 (Portrait).


Is there a specific reason why it's creating these files for my images? There's absolutely no better to creating in JPG format -- they're already compressed as JPG. I'd expect to see it generate downsized versions at lower resolutions, not convert 1:1 to PNG and waste disk space.


Here's some output from windirstat on my Emby server. The PNG images are eating up a solid 1/3 of my disk space right now. It's completely wasteful and the images end up taking a lot longer to  transfer and decode on any end clients.


You can see in the second image that they're all named "folder.png" or "landscape.png".


Server info:

- Windows Server 2012 R2

- Emby

-  Plugins: Auto Box Sets, Channel Downloader, CovertArt, Email Notifications, Genre Cleaner, IPTV, Revision3, Roku Thumbnails, Rotten Tomatoes Reviews, Server Configuration Backup, Server Restart, Trailers












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Hi, i'm not sure. what are the contents of the images? Can you update to the latest version of the server to see if it is still happening? thanks.

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Thanks for the reply Luke. I'll see if I can update it right now.


The images themselves are copies of the photos I have exposed on my Photos library folder. There doesn't really seem to be any difference from the original files, other than the fact that I can't actually open them in any image processing software (plain-old MS Paint, Paint.NET, Photoshop).



Edit: I just updated the server. Is it safe for me to wipe these files out and see if the server generates the files any differently? They're all under the "\Server\metadata\library" directory.

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Hi @Luke -- was wondering if there was any way we can turn this off or change the behavior. I keep running into this periodically -- I've had to go into my metadata folder every few weeks to wipe out any of the .png files over about 1 MB or so.


It's been causing some performance issues too since the PNGs are so large they quite a while to transfer to clients.


Is there any way we can change the default behavior to generate .jpg files instead of .png files? I've verified that every one of the large PNG files (they're 32 MB each) is a PNG version of a Canon CR2 raw file. It seems horrifically inefficient to produce a png when the jpg format would do the same job.

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9 minutes ago, Luke said:

Try removing the cover art plugin, then restart the server and see if that helps.

If it were CA could one just add a ignore folder?  I am a little confused as the are within /metadata/library not /cache.

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