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Faulty skip/progress behaviour when Chromecasting Recorded TV


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Emby mobile app - 2.9.42

Emby server - beta

Chrome Home - latest

Chromecast dongle - verion 2

Android H/W - Sony Z3 phone, google Nexus 7 tablet

ffmpeg - latest installed with server


File type: .ts, H264, AAC_LATM

Using NextPVR backend and plugin (latest)



This problem has been occuring for some time.

Then casting recorded TV to any of my TV's, the following occurs:

When an ad break starts I skip forward about 4 minutes by dragging the progress button (green dot), but on releasing it, the elapsed time count reverts to zero.

This makes it very difficult to skip the next ad break.

I have a workaround:

After dragging the progress button I touch the stop icon, then I touch the back arrow, then touch the play icon.

The progress count then shows the correct new start possition and play carries on.

This is not ideal.


All other video files play/cast correctly.

Please find attached 3 screenshots in sequence.

Please let me know if you need logs, and which ones specifically.

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Hi Luke

Here's the logs from a replay session where i skipped ahead at 2 different position during play.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry about the late reply Luke.


Please find attached a 1 minute clip from a recorded tv program.

No editing has been done to the file.


Sorry, I got an error (not permitted to upload this file type)


Where would you like me to upload the file?

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You can upload it to youtube... 

You can put that private and share the link only with people you want...

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Thank you so much Luke.

Chromecast is working perfectly again with recorded TV.


Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk

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I'm still experiencing random errors while playing recorded TV, although the progress times are working OK.


After a andom amount of time the audio stops and sometimes play also stops. So I have to touch the pause/play icon to resume play.

Sometime this does not work and I have to touch the stop icon to start play, which then starts from the beginning of the program.


Please find attached all fresh logs from the server and my phone during an hour's playing of a program.


This is only occuring whilst Chromecasting to any of my TV's.


Note: in this example the fault only occured 3 times during a 1 hour program. On other occasions, with another recording it occured avery few minutes.


Let me know if you need anything else.


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  • 2 weeks later...

As of today with Server update - Version beta

I have watched 4 different recorded TV episodes with no failures.

So it would appear my problems Cromecasting using the Android app are over. 

Thanks Luke. :)

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