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unRAID: 'Update Emby Server' button isn't working

nobody knows

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nobody knows

There have been 2 new Emby versions since my last update. The current is 3.2.19, however the "Update Emby Server" button is no longer working. Can someone please direct me to a fix? Thank you.


unRIAD version: 6.3.5

Emby Server version: 3.2.17

Plugin Version: 2016.11.30.1



Mono Version: 4.6.2

SQLite3 Version: 2016 2013
FFmpeg Version: 2.7.1
MediaInfo Version: 0.7.63
InfoZip Version: 6.00
Total Storage Usage: 14769 MB
Install Directory: 14769 MB
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nobody knows

When the "Update Emby Server" button on the main page is clicked (see attached), it goes through the following cycle:


Stopping Emby Server... Stop OK: Already stopped Installing Emby Server... Install OK!


However, it does not update. I've tried cycling power on the server, same results.


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Ok, keep in mind the Unraid release is handled by a contributor (phaze) and there may be changes they need to make for the new release based on upstream changes made by us. He is on an email chain so he does get notified. You may want to mention this in the unraid community if you have an account there. Thanks.

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