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Choose which version to play if multiple versions are available / Automatic multiple versions for tvshows


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Really appreciate the effort for multiple versions so far.


I have following scenario I have one movie in 2 versions. Once with DTS audio and 1080p x265-10bit video and once with DTS audio and 720p x264-8bit video. If I want to play this file with native support for DTS everything works fine. If I play this file e.g. in chrome it is trying to transcode the x265 file automatically which is very heavy on my cpu as it does not have hardware support for x265. It would be great I were able to choose which specific version I want to play for this reason.




It would be great if there was a naming scheme for multiple versions for tvshows. So far I have to manually select them and "group versions" which is okay but it would be great if there would be a way for emby to automatically register them. Maybe if they have the same series+season+ep group them by default or something like that.



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