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LiveTV HDHR change channel numbers


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Is there anyway to change the channel numbers detected from HDHR in Emby built-in LiveTV?


For example in my HDHR lineup channels are numbered starting from 5000 (don't know why exactly and couldn't find a way to change that on the HDHR itself either yet...).


It seems that Emby built-in LiveTV is picking up the channel number from HDHR so again in Emby all channels numbers are starting from 5000.

What I would like to do is to be able to manually change the channel number from 5067 to 1, or 5033 to 2, etc.

I already checked metadata manager and there is a "Sort Title" field there that helps to sort the channel view order, but it doesn't modify the channel number so channel 5067 will be displayed first on the list, but the number will remain the same, 5067.


I'm trying to match the channel numbers to the actual TV grid in my country were channels start from 1.

Channel 1 being displayed as 5067 when on TV set is number 1 is kind of misleading.


If you have any ideas on how to achieve this let me know.


PS: I'm also using TVHeadend (OTA EPG support)  and there it is as simple as changing the channel number to whatever I want.

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