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Cannot connect to Emby server


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I removed all the mentioned plugins and restarted emby server so far Roku hasn't locked up again so will see the long term results. Im now down to 8 plugins left would request that plugins that are no longer supported or ones that are causing problems be removed from catalog. Also would request that as a plugin is added to the catalog a announcement would be nice to have or at least a whats new category in the catalog along with more detailed descriptions of them as some are confusing at best as well as non informational. the ones I removed as per your instructions only one seemed to be functional all the rest did not seem to function anyways. IE. email notifications did not send any notifications irregardless of settings. Statics would fail at 89% updating it with no explanation as to why, Auto organize didn't seem to do anything that i could tell Cover art was the only one that seemed to work. Doing this might aleviate some of the problems.

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