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Live TV!!! What App and Server Version?


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I have just jumped into Media Server and got the hang of it good ( Emby ) was perfect I tried the others I was not pleased to the extent of what Emby offered in difficulty and look.


I am looking for alternative for LIVE TV, personally only time mine fires up is when I am playing off of Emby. However I am looking to find a dishy replacement for my folks they are not tech savvy I am pretty sure I taught them about 50x infinity how to use their new S6's when they hit the market :)


What and why do you prefer each service?


I was looking into playon not sure, I do not even have a Tuner card I was going to get one and work season started and it has a been a mess season was 5 weeks later than usual.



WMC Server?  just did a quick install and look about through it before a refresh of win10


Playon? The recorder looks nice room is no issue


Ko?  I hear self recording feature? I piddled with it but blah


Whatever you guys think you are all way ahead of me in this arena I would love to hear any feedback and also this will be a Windows Server install. I hate the spy stuff on 10 but the OS for performance is just killer I could not stand 8 - 8.1  up to pre-10


7 is ok support is falling everywhere I do 8.1 and 7 installed on old drive but have since pulled that one from my bays.


EVGA z170 board

EVGA GPU killer 2gb ftw 960 chewed up the 980ti in physics

i6700k clocks just depends run loose to OC 4.7 @ max 69 AIR

ddr4 - 16GB 3200


The rest of my drives are WD Blacks 2x1 TB and 1 x 5TB in bays now OS sits on a SSD - will post rig asap





Thanks to any who contribute there is so much information on searches I cannot figure out which way to.




I have a huge great IPTV m3u list but I have yet to be able to get it to produce 1 channel through E - IPTV plugin but stack out well over 3,000 channels in VLC which I have always used only for playing videos. I did not pay attention to the other features it had till now. So I could just be messing up seems every time I get into working with them I get interrupted.





Just hard making a decision through search results wow tons to take in 


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