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Movie Specials thumbnail issues


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  I'm a long time user of Win 7 and Emby for WMC with the Chocolate theme. I've tweaked 

everything (lots of trial and error) and I have everything running smoothly. There is now a problem

with the Specials display on the Details page. As you can see in the Before screenshot the captions

are either missing or partially hidden. I've determined that the problem is with the resolution 

of the video clips. Most of the clips are 640x360 but the three in the lower left are 640x294 or

640x268 etc. When I remove these three clips from my extras folder the Specials display is all

good as shown in the After screenshot.

  My question is, does this mean i have to edit video clips and change their resolution so that all

the clips in the extras folder are the same resolution or can this be fixed with a tweak of Emby for WMC or

the Chocolate theme?

  Note:  I do get clips from different sources and this is why they may vary in resolution.





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The resolution of the video isn't specifically the problem - except that was the source of those images.  If you re-size the primary images for those items to the standard size, that should take care of it.


The display should be doing a better job of handling that but I guess this has never been noticed before.

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ebr, I'm a little confused by your answer. Do you mean I do indeed need to go to

my video editor and change the resolution of the three offending videos or do I somehow

in configuration adjust the the size of the thumbnail default? When you say to" resize the primary

images for those items to the standard size" I have no idea what you mean. Are you talking about the thumbnail sizes?

Please explain. Thanx.


Upon further meditation, i think you are saying I need to load each of the clips into my video editor and take

a snapshot of one of the frames and then resize that snapshot to 640x360 and save it to my movie folder, and then from within

the browser client go into "edit images" for each of the videos and replace the current thumbnail with my 

newly created one. Is that correct?

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Just bring up those items in the web app then right click on each of the specials and select "Edit Images".  Then replace those images with re-sized versions.


I realize this is just a work around.  The app should be doing a better job of displaying them.

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I see what you are saying. But your approach is only possible if you know where the cached

thumbnails can be found, and this is virtually impossible to do without doing a time consuming

visual search of all cache folders!. The only practical way to fix the problem is the way I figured

out to do it, as explained in the second paragraph of my April 13th 2:46 PM post. I did

it this way and it works.

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