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Cannot play AVI MP4 on cellphones


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Has anyone ran across the issue where your server works fine for broadcast to TVs, PCs, etc. but won't plan on cellphones.  I have an LG V20 but can only play MKV files.  I've looked for custom DLNA profiles thinking that might be the issue, but haven't been able to find any help on this.  Is there a stash of custom DLNA profiles on the internet?  I think it's a DLNA issue since all other media plays on other devices.  And...I know that the LG V20 can play MP4 and AVI files natively, so it's not a codec issue on the cellphone.


Emby is running on a DS916+ NAS with the latest update to DSM with the latest update to Emby server 3.2.10.


This issue has actually existed with several previous versions of DSM and Emby.  I can't remember when it stopped working on my cellphones in the house.  My wife can't play media on her Samsung S5 either.

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