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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, I have a number of Amazon FireStick's that used to play all (the ones I wanted to watch) avi files I have, but lately I can not get any playback. Just the spinning blue circle. Emby Server Version 2.0.79a Registered The only way I have managed, so far, to work around the problem, is to, in the FireStick Emby app go; settings > playback > use external player for videos (check) and then select an avi file for playback. The avi file then plays through Kodi. Playback on the web app works fine. Other file formats tried seem fine. I have tried through the Android app (3.2.67) on the same Amazon FireStick with the same no playback, spinning blue circle. Attached is a sample extract of a video file and a logfile from the server while trying to playback that file. Any suggestions? Edit, 16 minutes later, playback has started. Tail logfile attached. Edit, another 14 minutes later, started the non-extracted version of the attached file. Playback started but no audio or video. video_sample.avi embyserver.txt embyserver(playback started).txt
  2. Arkieboy72472

    Emby having problems with AVI files

    My Emby Server will not play AVI files on any device. I have played back the files on my PC to confirm they work. This does not happen to every AVI file I have, just some ones from an old TV show called COACH. The Audio is mp3, and maybe that is an issue? Tell me what logs are needed, where I find them, and how to post them and I will. This is the first thing I have come across that Emby will not play. I am very thankful as a "plexile" to have emby, but this one little issue is driving me crazy!
  3. Suddenly today Emby will no longer play AVI video files. Have had no issue until today, with either nVidia Shield or on Fire TV 2nd gen. See attachments... EmbyServer.txt ffmpeg-transcode-cec27e80-6f99-455f-babd-83b17b2ed346.txt
  4. russpurg

    Cannot play AVI MP4 on cellphones

    Has anyone ran across the issue where your server works fine for broadcast to TVs, PCs, etc. but won't plan on cellphones. I have an LG V20 but can only play MKV files. I've looked for custom DLNA profiles thinking that might be the issue, but haven't been able to find any help on this. Is there a stash of custom DLNA profiles on the internet? I think it's a DLNA issue since all other media plays on other devices. And...I know that the LG V20 can play MP4 and AVI files natively, so it's not a codec issue on the cellphone. Emby is running on a DS916+ NAS with the latest update to DSM with the latest update to Emby server 3.2.10. This issue has actually existed with several previous versions of DSM and Emby. I can't remember when it stopped working on my cellphones in the house. My wife can't play media on her Samsung S5 either.
  5. HI, First off let me say I love Media Browser. I have a 900 movie collection and this program is awesome. I have used MB2 in the past and have upgraded and used MB3 for the last ~4 months? I even have the android app and have port forwarded it outside of my lan and it works great with the data throttling settings. I have the MB3 server on the same machine as the movie database, I am using MBC to view the movies in WMC on the server machine. When I load MBC on a second, third, fouth machine I am having issues with playback. I can playback some movies but others simply will not work. My copy of 8 mile is an avi file. I can pull up the folder on the other machines and play the file with windows media player on the remote machines, I can also play the file with windows media center on the remote machines, However, when I open media browser classic in Windows Media Center and scroll to the movie, I press play and I receive an error stating that windows media center can not open the file. It makes no sense, I can open the file through my computer and open the file with windows media center and everything works fine. Help please. .. I have opened the 8096 port on both computer firewalls, I see all the movie posters and the meta data downloads correctly.
  6. Greetings...my first post here and as many before have exclaimed, MB3 is amazing! That having been said, here is my setup: Clean install of windows 8.1, latest version of MB3 Server installed. Using xbox 360 as client. MB Classic installed, system level and plgin level updates : Beta MB Classic Version 2-26.1 Here is the problem: I have 10 different TV series, and no matter which file i choose to watch, the quality is horrible on the 360. All my TV series video files are AVI's and prior to this clean install (got to finally build a new rig two weeks ago) these exact same files played fine. And now the twist... ...​this behavior is only occurring w/ these TV series files....if i pick any of the movies i have that happen to be AVI files (200+) then those play in perfect quality on the 360. Any clues? Thanks in advance!
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