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Deleting Artitist after mp3 tag edit


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I'm trying to tidy up my audio files but I am having issues trying to understand how to clean things up.


As an example, I had "ABBA" and "abba" as an artist showing up or "The Eagles" and "Eagles". So I used and id tag editor to change all mp3 artists to "ABBA" and "The Eagles". However, in the web app, I still see both artists appear when I sort by artist. When you go to the metadata editor, you only have "ABBA" and the "The Eagles". How do you clean things up and get Emby to show "ABBA" consistently?




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Hi @@geotux, this is something that we need to improve in our database cleanup routines, which is cleaning up artists that are no longer needed due to changes from the audio files. Thanks !

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