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Legacy HDHomeRun - Setup


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i have a windows 2016 server running emby the issues i am having are also occuring on this device so its not a firewall issue. 

i do have the firewall turned off. the hdhomerun is on the same internal network/lan. it should not have firewall issues. 


i have not installed any plugins


What type of channels are you tuning to? Are they over the air? (looks like they are from the one screeshot) or Cable? if they are cable do you know if there is any DRM settings being used by the provider? I guess the easy way to figure that out if you have cable is what channels can you get by plugging the cable directly in to a TV.


I would disable "Enable Throttling".


I would disable at a minimum - "Preserve Original Video...." and "Preserve Original Audio...." not sure if the settings apply to live tv or not,

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