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External player & subtitles from NAS


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Running Emby server on a Synology NAS, playing files using MX Player as external player on a Minix U1 to TV. Plays the video fine ( in particular hevc/h265) and eac3 audio etc


external srt subtitles are not passed to the MX Player.



I would very, very happily pay for premium emby if there is a fix for this - I can't find it...




some background ;) 


Really quite peeved and fed up long time Plex user ( and Plex Pass payer...) - the official Android TV Plex client will not play eac3  and is gimped so it won't use an external player like MX Player ( which not only plays everything but also feeds back watched statuds etc to Plex).

The official Plex for Kodi addon is an improvement actually on the offical plex cleint, but even so that also has issues with eac3... 


meanwhile... an old, old 3rd party Plex client called Serenity, which hasn't been updated for over a year (!) DOES support Mx player and so plays all these files AND passes the srt subtitles from the NAS to the player... 



I'd far prefer to move to Emby....

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Thanks for the fast reply - I'd heard the peeps @ Emby actually understood what support is... so good to see it seems true  :)



(To be honest I don't know why Plex doesn't positively encourage the use of an external player, as i'd guess a vast percentage of issues are due to the default Android player of whatever box brand is as shoddy and slapdash as.... well, as you might reasonably expect - it is not the job of Minix to be an expert on video players, nor for Plex or indeed Emby to be - you provide the server and client software and then using the external player such as MX player or VLC with appropriate api's to feed back watch status - well, both you or Plex, the MX player people and the cusotmer using them-  me - gets the best performance. It's no different to anyone buying a TV today and taking the reasonable decision to ignore any built in speaker system as it almost without exception the cheapest possible afterthought.... / rant over)


As a clue - in that Serenity client which does indeed pass the external srt subtitles from a NAS Plex server to the MX player - you do need to choose the series episode 'directly'... by that i mean there a particular ascreen where full episode info is populated including the possible subtitle selected ( ehich you can manually choose or disable or choose another ie an internal srt or another external srt) - from there it seems to pass on that srt, presumably passing the network address of the subttiel so MX player knows which file and where it is... rather than MX player looking by default in the local android file system....

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Well to be fair, we don't encourage it either, we just provide the option for those that want it. With an external player we're unable to use our nice Emby on screen display, as well as other in-app features that might happen during video playback. The external player might have a nice on screen display too, but it obviously won't have access to Emby-specific features.

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