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any news about user group? is hard to manage too many users settings, one by one, and the libraries and access :(

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I would also like to see this feature.

In addition i would like this to integrate into the LDAP plugin.

It should be possible to map a emby user group to an LDAP or Active Directory group.

A group that is mapped to an LDAP group should sync with the LDAP group regularly.

If a user is added to the LDAP group it should also be added by the Emby group. If a user is removed from the LDAP group, it should also be removed from the Emby group.

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And if adding User Groups is hard to implement, maybe we can have some sort of User Templates?

Even if it requires manual editing of preset files, I feel it could be some sort of a compromise.

Not sure how hard this would be to develop, just sharing the idea. 

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On 3/9/2018 at 4:56 PM, Luke said:

It's a great idea for the future.

Hello, it is I from the future. Are we there yet? ;)

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