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Organizr an Alternative to Muximux and other similar


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So i stumbled on this github project trolling some forums and decided to post it here cuz it is great. Im not the author but im sure others might like it


Here are some screenshots after i finish customizing it (yes it is plex because that is what i use but it can be for Emby just the same) :

Plex request logo, Loading page logo and window title credit to @Angelblue05

My Main menu


Loading screen:








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Interesting, but this https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/44267-ombi-for-emby/ looks more promising IMO.


That is not the same thing..you cant add your application to Ombi...but you can add Ombi to Organizr (like in my screenshot that is omby). This is to group all your web apps in one place.

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oh, i see.  the github page isn't very descriptive.  So it's basically a variation of this? http://htpc.io/


Well sort off, HTPC is a Dashboard that is tailored to give you access to specific pre-determined applications and nothing more. Orgnanizr allows you to add any webpage that you want, it is not limited to things only media related. If you wanted, you could add outlook.com to it for example. 

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I use it for example to give users access to my library ebook/audiobook library on Calibre, to Ombi and to the Plex webclient. so instead of having to give them 3 urls, they just go to one. And you can have a guess view and have a user view for those that create an account.

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