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Schedules Direct metadata overwritten in LiveTV


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There is an issue with Emby's guide, where information from Schedules direct is being overwritten by the wrong data downloaded from the internet.  


Here is the data as seen in NextPVR, which reads from my schedules direct account



And here is the same movie as seen by Emby



I believe the root case could be related to the show having a translated title.


The original title : Imperium (2016)

Dubbed movie's french title : Infiltre (2016)


zap2it data available:

- critics' ratings

- year (2016)

- genre

- director

- full cast

- a better cover picture than the one shown in NextPVR


I thought schedules direct had the same data as zap2it, but I could be wrong.  


Thank you for your help!



Interestingly, several other translated movies come up just fine.

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Any chance that other sources (localized sources) could be added to emby?


This example came from a movie channel 



search is possible on the site



this returns a nice json, which can be parsed for a year match or something to add to the confidence level.  Perhaps these additional search engines could be channel specific or something.


thank you

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